Biostatistics and clinical research methodology are crucial in the Life Sciences sector to define, develop and adopt the most appropriate approach to an experimental investigation. Applying a sound methodology means planning correct and adequate studies from the onset to ensure reliable results and ethical execution.

Effective communication and ongoing collaboration enable our team of physicians, biologists and biostatisticians to best support the client by studying the most appropriate investigational design for their needs.

Our approach
Communication and teamwork

The essential premise for productive cooperation in a team of professionals from different backgrounds and wide-ranging experience is clear and effective communication. A mutual understanding of clinical and statistical terminology is, therefore, the basis of our language.

Practical needs and operational limitations

Supporting the client means showing how to best design a tailormade clinical trial, which is methodologically correct and practically sustainable at every stage, taking into account the practical requirements and operational limitations of the whole research project.


No clinical trial is effective without ethics or respect for patients. This is why we extensively focus on the ethical implications of clinical research, relying on the conscience of individuals, mutual control, critical examination of publications and interdisciplinary collaboration between professionals.

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  • Drugs
  • Medical and diagnostic devices
  • Food supplements
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Dermocosmetic
  • Research, analysis and interpretation of scientific literature
  • Identification of the most suitable experimental design to suit project objectives and feasibility
  • Definition of primary and secondary study endpoints
  • Identification of the most appropriate and innovative measurement methods and tools
  • Identification of patient selection criteria
  • Identification of the most appropriate statistical methodology (blinding, choice of control group, randomisation, interim analysis, analysis populations)
  • Sample size calculation
  • Statistical analysis
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