About us
Our story

PRINEOS”, from the Greek words “πριν” (“before”) and “εως” (“dawn”): ”before dawn”.

We are a strategy consultant firm born out of passion and many years of expertise in the Life Sciences field.
Our team is made up of experienced professionals skilled to work alongside and to support organisations active in the pharmaceutical, medical device, food supplement and clinical research sectors during every stage of project development. PRINEOS is about designing, planning and defining the best path to achieve the goal.

We are passionately dedicated to strategically defining a path to success. Our goal is to improve and innovate clinical research in the healthcare sector.

Team & Experience

The team of professionals at PRINEOS has excellent technical skills and long-standing experience in the Life Sciences field. We believe in the importance of innovation, the added value of new technologies, the application of proper clinical research methodology and attention to legal and regulatory aspects to enhance clinical research in the healthcare sector.

Our dynamic, collaborative and close-knit work environment is firmly founded on innovation, competence and open proactive communication.

“The need to collect and understand the power of scientific data and analysis is vital to suggest ‘value-based care’ to doctors, patients, payers and other stakeholders. Within this scope it is essential to understand and meet the wide ranging needs of stakeholders involved in order to devise the best development strategy. Medical Affairs is ideally in the position to drive this strategic creation of value. It is with this in mind that PRINEOS is at the customer’s service.”

Chief Medical Officer

“Digital technology is now an intrinsic part of our daily lives, but the same cannot be said for clinical research in healthcare. Innovative solutions are required to understand and meet the needs of the various stakeholders involved (patients, doctors, researchers, sponsors, payers...). But above all, organisations need to develop the courage to pave the way for improvements and to promote process change. This is our mission at PRINEOS.”

Business Development Manager

“Our job is to understand and anticipate the client’s needs by defining in advance the best path to achieve objectives, in full compliance with the law. Our task is to support the client throughout the process of making the best strategic and operational decisions. PRINEOS is driven by trust in people.”

Chief Executive Officer

Life Sciences, together: our mission

The goal of PRINEOS  is to improve and innovate clinical research in healthcare. We support our customers in achieving their goals, identifying their needs and finding the best solutions and tailor-made strategies. Our ambition is to be a landmark in the Life Sciences sector to both improve the quality of life of people and contribute to scientific progress.

Our values

We believe that innovation is key to the growth of the Life Sciences sector, and that it fosters success for entrepreneurs with a new ability to create wealth. To this end, we create and offer solutions that generate new value for the customer by walking the path of innovation.

Experience, expertise and methodological rigor

Our scientific, regulatory and commercial experience and expertise, and its integration into a strategic vision allow us to best interpret customer needs and offer tailor-made solutions. We can thus guarantee high quality standards and apply a rigorous clinical and methodological structure to our work.

Cooperation and trust

Trust is at the heart of our every initiative. We do not consider the team a mere group of people who work together, but a group of people who trust each other. We believe that teamwork and building a trust-based relationship with the client are vital to underscore the value of a project. We make the client’s objectives our own by listening to their needs and understanding their goals. We support them continuously and in a responsible and trustworthy way during every stage of the project.


We work with integrity and transparency, turning our values into tangible actions. We believe that respect, transparency and an ethical attitude towards our people, our partners and our customers are also of vital importance for patients, the ultimate recipients of every clinical research project. Integrity connotes a deep commitment to doing the right thing for the right reason, regardless of the circumstances.

Do you need assistance to make the most of your research project’s clinical development plan? Our team of experts is here to help you.